Monday, January 3, 2011

What Am I?

You have already heard me say I aspire to be a true vegetarian. Well let me explain some things before we proceed so you do not think me as hypocritical (I would rather be thought of as a lost soul than a hypocrite!). Of course I was one who was raised in the midwest on a standard meat and potatoes diet. I do remember however as a child, flocking to items that did not contain meat. My favorite food item at any mexican restaurant (and still is) was always guacamole. In fact, my mother tells us often about the time when she put me in my highchair at a local mexican eatery and fed me guacamole- it sounds like I was barely old enough for solid food at the time. Apparently the other restaurant patrons were all amused by the  small child with guacamole on her face and commented on never seeing a baby that young enjoy such a "strange" food. Not much has changed, I find myself often times wanting to gorge myself on avocados, I just do it in a neater manner now :)
Anyways, back to the present. I was raised on meat and potatoes, but gravitated away from red meat around 10 years ago. I would occasionally eat a steak at a nice restaurant, and partake in the barbeque scene when amongst others in said barbeque scene. Afterwards I always noticed a sick disgusting feeling that lingered for the next few days. So, goodbye red meat, I listen to my body. It wasn't hard for me to give up chicken and pork either, because I have never really like them. Fish is a different story.
My reasons thus far for giving up "meat" have been for the health benefits and the fact that my body says "NO" every time I consume it. I also support the ethics behind it. I am a lifelong animal lover....and the thought of eating something furry and cute does bother me, but my foremost reasons are health related. Fish however is something I'm not sure I could ever give up. The only time it bothers me to eat fish is when I catch it myself and think about the killing, scaling, gutting.....ick! Not my cup of tea. Hence why in Colorado when I caught a gorgeous rainbow trout, he told me his name was Jasper and that he had a wife and many children that required his presence, so much to my husbands dismay I released Jasper back to the wild. Crazy I know, but Jasper really was grateful. After that my husband did not let me participate in the catching of our dinner.
There is apparently much debate amongst omnivores on whether you can call fish "meat" or not. I personally do not consider fish "meat", I consider it "fish". To me the term "meat" refers to mammal flesh, and fish are not mammals, they are fish. If you disagree, more power to you, this is my blog and I can call it what I want :). I also love the health benefits of fish, everything from the essential fatty acids to the awesome protein content. And since my primary reasoning for my chosen diet is health, well there you go. Oh, and I could live on sushi. So at this point in my life, I suppose I fit into the Pescetarian category which means the only "meat" I eat is fish. And I may stay that way forever....depending on which way the road on my food journey takes me!

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