Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ode to Vegetables

As I munched on raw veggies the other day, this came to mind. It's a verse from my favorite childhood book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Hmmm....I wonder if this is why I love vegetables so much?! :)

I love carrot tops better than lollipops
and peas if you please, instead of bread and cheese!
McGregor's got an acre full of crunchy treats for me!

There's just nothing like the crunchy texture and explosive flavor that you get from raw veggies. It can't be beat! And the beauty is you can eat as much as you want and not worry about sodium, calories, fat, or cholesterol. Also your body immediately reaps the benefits of the living energy in the raw foods, and will thank you for it in the form of energy and focus, PLUS the moisture content hydrates you. I absolutely love to pack a bag of mixed veggies such as baby carrots, sugar snap peas, and celery for work....they are fabulous to keep at my side all 12 hours and munch on whenever I get hungry or bored. Then if I have leftover veggies at the end of the week, I either make a soup out of them or turn them into juice!
Veggie sushi is also a favorite of mine. Here's a recipe I know you will enjoy making. It's not only delicious, but it also makes a great packed lunch during the work week and is fun to do!

Veggie Sushi
makes 1 roll, about 8 pieces

1 sheet Nori (toasted seaweed sheets, found in most grocery stores and specialty food stores)
1/2 cup sushi rice (found at Asian grocery stores)
2 slices avocado
2 strips of steamed sweet potato
2 thin strips fresh jalapeno
1 strip cucumber flesh
1 Tbsp Spicy Mayo, recipe follows

Place the Nori onto a bamboo sushi mat lined with plastic wrap, shiny side down. Wet your fingertips with either water or sushi seasoning and spread the rice evenly over the Nori, leaving a 1-inch border around the top and bottom. Place the remaining ingredients side by side on top of the rice in rows, then moisten the borders with water and roll using the bamboo mat. Let rest for a minute then slice into 6-8 pieces and serve with a side of spicy mayo or store-bought Sweet Chili dipping sauce.

Spicy Mayo

1/2 cup Hellman's Mayo or Japanese Mayo (found at Asian grocery stores, I use Kewpie brand)
1-2 tsp Shriracha (Thai hot sauce)
1/4 lemon, squeezed and seeds removed

Mix the mayo and Sriracha until blended and add the lemon juice. Add more Sriracha until it suites your level of spiciness.

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