Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update on Day 3

Well today was my birthday and I successfully stuck with just my juice and water! So I had originally planned on including a small fruit meal every day of my fast, but yesterday and today I passed on the fruit! Day 1 I only ate half of a mango and then was full lol. I am very satisfied with the juice: that doesn't mean I don't get hungry, but all I have to do is grab the juice and the hunger goes away. I am also drinking more than the recommended minimum 64-72oz a day of liquid. My average has been 85oz of juice (half veggie half fruit) and between 16-32oz of water a day. Today work was pretty busy and I did struggle a bit to keep up with drinking enough but I did make it-my only real issue at work is having to pee every 45 minutes....when you work on an ambulance it can be a challenge to find a bathroom that often. Other than that the fasting is going well. My cravings are tolerable-I've decided its best that I do not expose myself to food (especially junk food) as much as possible during the 10 days, so when my husband gets in the truck with chips and such I try to go sit outside with my juice and enjoy the sun or read my book.
This morning I was still experiencing some detox symptoms, mainly congestion and runny nose. However I was thrilled to notice that my eyes have never been so clear and blue and my lips were pinker than ever! It looked like I had makeup on when I didn't-amazing. This afternoon I did experience a rather "uncomfortable" symptom....my teeth and tongue spent the day coated. If you don't know what this is then look it up, its pretty strange. But that tells me that my body is ridding itself of bacteria and toxins, so when I got home from work I immediately brushed my teeth and all is well. I will gladly ride out these symptoms knowing what wondrous health lies ahead!
I'm looking forward to day 4, I bought 10lbs of carrots tonight to last me the next few days (yes, 10lbs lol) as well as more apples, oranges, and some beets :) For my friends fasting I hope things are going well for you! Above all remember to not put yourself through torture, if you are miserable then you probably aren't ready for a full-blown juice fast. This is a time to rejoice and enjoy yourself! I look at this process as a gift to myself because I know I'm worth it and I deserve the best health possible!

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