Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hardest days yet day 4 was super tough! I felt pretty good physically, but mentally I was on the verge of a breakdown! Work was really busy and I got fatigued around mid-afternoon, so the cravings for solid food went through the roof. It didn't help that my husband (and medic partner) ate his BBQ lunch right in front of smelled soooo good and I haven't even eaten that kind of food since who knows when. I don't think it mattered what type of food it was, just that any solid food was all I could think about. Well, I got home from work and drank some warm lemon water, which helped. I decided that being so strict with just the juice was not as necessary as all that, a lot of juice fasts include eating raw fruits and veggies. So I ate 1 raw organic carrot before bed, finished my juice and water, and felt pretty good about it.

Woke up this morning, day 5, after sleeping in for a total of about 10 hours of sleep. No hunger, and feeling pretty good! I started off this morning with some herbal tea with lemon and had a glass of juice for lunch. This is the first day off of work I have had on the fast, and I knew I would struggle with cravings more when at home. The main reasons for this I think are: 1. I like to watch cooking shows on the weekend, which is difficult when you aren't eating solid food! lol 2. I like to eat when I'm relaxing on the couch, typical American habit I would like to break 3. I still have duties in the kitchen-cleaning and cooking for my husband, which exposes me to food almost all day. To try and head off the cravings this weekend before they start, I went ahead and ate a small raw salad after lunch. I ate so incredibly slowly, it took me almost an hour to finish it, chewing every tiny bite until it was completely liquified. For dinner I am planning a large glass of veggie juice and more herbal tea! My detox symptoms have also subsided today, making me such a happy lady :)

Well I'm off to tinker in my garden before making my dinner, I hope everyone is doing okay with their reboot! Since I'm halfway through now, it should be downhill from here, right?

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